Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most common questions customers have asked us about our software and services here at Alpine Snow.


I have a corrupted file, can you recover it for me?
Possibly.  You may send your file to our partner, which supports dozens of file types for either password or data recovery.  Most Office Documents can be repaired from corruption such as Word, Works, WorkPerfect, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Money files.  Other files such as Photoshop, PDF, ZIP, and image files are also supported.


How do I uninstall any of your products?
In some cases due to 3rd party uninstallers or System Restore, there may be no shortcut to the uninstaller for our software on the Start Menu. If that is the case, you will need to find the location that you installed the program to, run "unins000.exe" or "Unwise.exe", and follow the uninstaller instructions.

When I use MS Access Password Recovery, my recovered password shows up like "RºlGVŽŽŽŽ£„ŽŽŽŽ". What can I do?
Your Access database was probably not saved in a version of Access that MS Access Password Recovery supports.  MS Access Password Recovery recovers passwords only to Microsoft Access 2000 files and below. You may upload your Access database to our partner and your password can be recovered for free.


Can you hack into my friend's ISP or E-mail account?
We will not help anyone hack into anyone's ISP or E-mail account. We will not even respond to such requests.


When I run some of your programs, I get an error message about a .DLL file missing or out of date. How do I fix this?
This is a rare problem that usually happens on old computers that do not have the necessary runtime files installed. Download the DLL Update installer and then restart your computer and try to run the software again.


How can I recover my lost for forgotten Windows password?
Our password recovery partner at provides a solution using a combination of free open source software and hash matching to recover most Windows passwords.  This service is currently free.

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